Tha tragoudiso agalina


July 2014

New arrival in stores is the first album of  Smyrna orchestra entitled “Tha tragoudiso agalina, which is released by Final Touch record company distributed by Cobalt.
Traditional music, interpreted with respect, enthusiasm and passion from five young girls.
Kali Kampouri  (kanun, vocals), Eleftheria Kourlia (guitar, vocals), Peny Papakonstantinou (Constantinople lute, percussion, vocals), Irene Syskaki (violin, vocals) and Hara Tsalpara (accordion, vocals), interpret with their own way music that takes us back to our roots.
The album consists of ten songs  (“Tha tragoudiso agalina“, “Milisso” , “Mia galazia peristera“, “Seranta mila“, “Ego krasi den epina“, “Adaniotopoula”, “Guzel oglan”, “Fora ta mavra, “Ston katifenio sou onta”, “Mia mavri petra tou gialou-Mparmpagiannakakis ), carefully selected and rearranged with enthusiasm, on a journey from Asia Minor to Pontos,Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus.
Strong and very distinct moments of the album are the polyphonic interpretations of the songsSeranta mila” from Pontos and Fora ta mavra of composer Kostas Karipis, while the surprise of the album comes with the participation of the singer Sofia Manou in the song Mia mavri petra tou gialou-Mparmpagiannakakis”.
©Smyrna orchestra